Lavender Fields Forever is a working lavender farm. We cultivate 7 exceptional varieties of white, pink and blue/purple lavender for culinary use, crafting, and oil production. Please join us and harvest your own lavender – a bouquet or a bushel! You can reserve a time to distill your own essential oil or make a variety of crafts (sachets, wreaths, and more). Shop in our barn store which offers a unique collection of hand-crafted lavender products. Capture the flowers, butterflies, and Applegate Valley scenery with your camera or paintbrush. Picnic under the maple tree. Bask in the Applegate sunshine and the sights and scents of lavender!


No need to bring anything, except maybe a picnic. Or you can pick up a bottle of wine and some food at a winery or local deli along the way. We look forward to seeing you!


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